The Rogerio Steinberg Institute/IRS is a non-profit organization that contributes to the reduction of social inequalities by providing complementary education to gifted children and teenagers from underprivileged families. The IRS helps socially vulnerable Gifted and Talented children and teenagers by providing complementary educational (and cultural) activities seeking to awaken and develop talents often ignored. More than 33,000 have attended the IRS since its foundation.

Based on the belief that talents may be found in any social stratum, the IRS understands that the generation of opportunities and appreciation of personal effort are essential for the development of talents and constantly contribute to the social transformation of our beneficiaries.

Get to know the IRS three main actions:

Awakening Talents Program

Already attended about 33,000 children and teenagers. Is responsible for identifying and leading children with giftedness indicators from the municipal schools and charity institutions to the selection process of the IRS before their acceptance in the Developing Talents Program.

Developing Talents Program

Takes place in the institute headquarters and has already attended about 960 participants, focusing in the development of their giftedness. Uses Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory as its main methodology. Within this scope, the program offers the Creation, Coding, Entrepreneurship and Robotics workshops besides its complementary workshops such as Drawing, Journalism, Drama and Chess. English scholarships are also offered depending on the child’s performance. The workshops seek to enrich the participant’s curriculum with the creation of specific projects, the development of cognitive and motor abilities, the stimulation of talent and personal expression and the encouraging of creativity, sociability and endeavor. The Robotics and Codification workshops also contribute to the acquirement of knowledge in the fields of Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Science, important concepts for any successful person in the 21st century. The IRS supports schooling and professionally advises and contributes to the integration in the labor market.

IRS Prep Program

Available in the IRS headquarters since 2006, the IRS Preparatory seeks to promote the academic improve of socially vulnerable children and teenagers from the municipal schools and educational charity institutions of Rio de Janeiro. The program supports the search for access to a formal education and contributes to a greater social equality through the increase in the number of children and teenagers prepared to join excellence schools. We have already attended 313 participants: 162 got into middle school and 151 into high school.

To participate, please contact:
+ 55 21 2529-8239 / 2239-0448


IRS promove IRS TECH: Em Casa

IRS promove IRS TECH: Em Casa

IRS promove IRS TECH: Em CasaEm razão da pandemia da COVID-19 e o isolamento social, o Instituto Rogerio Steinberg (IRS) promoveu o tradicional IRS TECH de uma forma diferente: em casa. Mesmo durante o distanciamento social, o IRS seguiu dando continuidade às Oficinas...

Mostra de Talentos IRS acontece de forma virtual

Mostra de Talentos IRS acontece de forma virtual

Mostra de Talentos IRS acontece de forma virtualA Mostra de Talentos aconteceu de forma virtual nos dias 02 e 03 de dezembro e marcou o encerramento das atividades das Oficinas no ano de 2020. No primeiro dia, o IRS realizou um momento de abertura para apresentar a...